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Tanya's primary contributions to this project are feeding, bathing, walking, picking up the poop of, and otherwise providing for the needs of The Artist; otherwise known as Elsie. Tanya is flattered that in 2006, after a stint with Manhattan's Animal Care and Control and a brief stay at a foster home, that Elsie found Tanya a suitable person to spend her life with. Elsie has made Tanya a better person. Together they hope to spread the joy and happiness that is dog rescue and pitbulls.

Click here for more information on what Tanya does when she's not snuggling, creating, or playing with Elsie.

Click here for more information on Elsie and how she got to where she is today.


Leila's work with The Humane Society of New York brought her together with the marvelously talented Pit Bull, Elsie Turgeon, and her equally gifted forever-person, Tanya. She has been a part of a Shakespeare intensive in London at the RSC and studied Renaissance Art and Literature in Florence before graduating Magna Cum Laude from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a focus on both literature and performance. Leila has worked in nearly every realm of the theatre ranging from casting, publicity, ushering and house managing to performing and writing her own pieces. In 2006 she penned a long series of poems which were performed off-Broadway and were very positively reviewed in a number of papers including Variety. One year later she found her own Pit Bull, Rex, abandoned, bloodied and cowering in a Manhattan parking lot. Since the time of his rescue, much of her writing, activism and work has been dedicated to the liberation and rehabilitation of former fighting/abused dogs and the routine misrepresentation of the Pit Bull breed.

Leila is a member of The Advisory Board of The Humane Society of New York and is so very proud to be collaborating with Elsie and Tanya on this wonderful project.

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