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Bruised Not Broken on Facebook

Elsie is featured on the awesome rescue group Bruised Not Broken's Facebook page.

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Elsie Reappears on StubbyDog

In honor of elder-bulls, StubbyDog reposted Elsie's original story in September with an update on Elsie's life and achievements.

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Elsie Appears in the Reading Eagle

Elsie was thrilled to see a blurb on the front page of the Reading Eagle (newspaper of Reading, Pennsylvania) and nearly a whole half of page 2 devoted to her story. Elsie and Tanya would like to thank Reading Eagle photographer Harold Hoch, who suffered a dog bite to the face in his childhood, for braving this event to come take such beautiful photos of us and Reading Eagle news writer Mary E. Young for interviewing us on location despite her allergies to dogs.

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Elsie Appears on TakePart

Elsie's story is featured in the Paw and Order blog, on

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Elsie Appears on StubbyDog

Elsie is featured as Stubby Dog of the week on, the go-to website for all information on celebrating the joy that is pitbulls.

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Elsie Appears in the New York Post

Elsie made her debut in the media spotlight in June 2006 when Julia Szabo (renowned dog rescue and adoption advocate with a soft spot for the most misunderstood and abused breed, the pitbull) smartly worked her into a NYPost Pet Reporter column alongside singer song-writer and Broadway star Nellie McKay. Szabo saved Elsie from certain euthanasia at Animal Care and Control in Manhattan and was at the time fostering Elsie. Thanks to Szabo's dedication and hard work Elsie found a forever home less than three weeks after the publication of this piece.

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Julia Szabo's "Pretty Pet-Friendly"

In 2009, Elsie decided she was ready to move into print modeling and landed her first gig in the book every pet person should have, "Pretty Pet Friendly" by Julia Szabo. Elsie showed off her modeling chops by exuding adorableness and grace while being swallowed by a faux fur beanbag chair. Not an easy feat.

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Elsie Appears on

Later that year, Elsie appeared in an article about dog adoption for Although she sometimes feels self-conscious about the image of her when she was first picked up as a stray by the AC&C in New York City, she realizes the importance of getting the message about rescue and adoption out there. Just like Jamie Lee Curtis going au naturale to promote positive self-image for women, Elsie tries to do her part by by being honest and real.

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