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Welcome to Elsie's Gallery!

Elsie paints every few weeks (in coordination with bath time) using nontoxic washable tempera paint on canvas unless otherwise indicated. She produces several artworks each session. If you are interested in pieces that are Sold or Not For Sale (nfs) please feel free to contact us and Elsie would be happy to create something using a similar technique (though each piece is completely one-of-a-kind).

To peruse each gallery of work click on an image below. Enjoy!

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Elsie I Series

Walking in Splatter

The Good Behavior

Donated Works

Wag (Happiness)

The Pollock Period
No. 619

Abstract Impressionism
Sunrise Over Sea

Expressionist Movement
Foot and Tail


Canine Chaos

The Paws on Canvas Series
Paws on Canvas Too

The Pitbull Collection

PITter Patter

Canine Contemporary
Field of Paws

A Girl and Her Dog

Collector's Items
Sixteen Toes

PITrait of Paris

Elsie Art with Paintbrush


In Memory
Chris and Tipper

The Seasons
Spring Into Summer

The Patriot Collection
The PITriot

Mixed Media
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

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Elsie is a rescued pit-mix who debuted in the fine arts world in 2011 at the age of 57 (in dog years). Her preferred medium is non-toxic washable tempera paint and cheese flavored treats. Elsie loves to work in shades of pink, representing the pink collar she has worn for the last five plus human years and her deeply personal history as a breast cancer survivor. Elsie lives with her human in Manhattan and enjoys sitting on people in her free time. She has asked that a portion of the proceeds from her work go to the Humane Society of New York, whose hospital provides excellent affordable medical care for animals.


Elsie can be commissioned to create artwork of varying sizes and colors. Each piece comes with a notecard containing the details of the piece and the artist's bio. To contact her human/manager about purchasing, showing, or getting involved with how this art can promote animal adoption and the positive image of pitbulls click HERE. Elsie is also available for "Meet the Artist" sessions and loves people of all ages.